Wembley Pink

The unique taste of Wembley PINK Gin was obtained following the search process for the most delicious ingredients. Thus, Wembley PINK reveals a fresh bouquet, dominated by the vibrant taste of strawberries. Juniper berries blend harmoniously with aromatic plants and natural fruity aromas.

Curiosity is always making you to push your limits and find out more. Driven by the desire to create a unique flavor that exceeds all expectations and offers a new perspective on classic gin, we set off in search of a surprising combination of ingredients. That’s how we got to Wembley PINK, the result of the balanced combination of juniper with the vibrant taste of strawberries.

Allow yourself to be curious. Get into the story of the fresh and fruity taste of Wembley PINK gin!

Juniper, aromatic plants, strawberries

Fresh, sweet, pleasant, integrates holistically all the fruity aromas

Fruity, strawberry