STROH Jagertee 40%

STROH Jagertee is an Austrian specialty, bearing the STROH signature, based on an old recipe from 1864.

In hot drinks, mix hot water with STROH in the recommended ratio and the drink is ready.

Similar to the STROH Inländer Rum, STROH Jagertee is a product with a geographical indication according to EU regulations. Jagertee must be produced in Austria and the rum originating from domestic production as well, must be an important component of the product.

STROH Jagertee is a concentrate to which you only need to add hot water. We recommend mixing 1 part STROH Jagertee with 3 parts hot water.

STROH Jagertee is consistently honored for its outstanding quality: in addition to the DLG gold medals, it won the “President’s Trophy” at the Ultimate Spirits Trophy in the U.S.