Loch Lomond Reserve 40%

This premium blended unique Scotch whisky contains malt and cereal whisky distilled and matured on the shores of Loch Lomond in the heart of Scotland. Each barrel is chosen for its character and maturity, then mixed by experts to create a balanced whisky that offers a perfect, fine finish.

At first impression, generous malt aromas appear. However, on closer inspection, there is a very subtle light fruit jam, soft fruit, evident just behind the more pronounced malt notes.

Seville orange marmalade on warm, sweet and sharp bread, but with a creamy malt taste. The fruit becomes fresher and sweeter. In the middle, a sweet but firm note of ginger appears. Marmalade notes give way to ginger bursts.

The remarkable taste of cooked fruits and pronounced spices is easily erased and a delicate sweetness appears, a breeze of floral notes.