Wembley Crown

The delicate scent of lavender, accompanied by the freshness of citrus tell the magic of nature to those who know how to listen and taste. The vision of the perfect recipe may vary, but the unique combination of the 14 ingredients always reveals a new, conquering taste. Remember that special moments exist to be truly enjoyed. Cherish them with Wembley Crown gin!

The delicacy of lavender, the sweetness of acacia honey from Transylvania, combined in a  harmoniously way with aromatic plants and complemented by the flavor of citrus fruits, offers a balanced and persistent taste. The carefully picked 14 ingredients and the quality of the alcohol make Wembley Crown a drink that speaks of refinement and elegance, both inside the bottle and outside of it.

What differentiates Wembley Crown is the unique mix of ingredients: flower bud, fresh fruits, exotic spices and noble oil.

This complex gin, crafted in limited batches, offers you an intense sensory experience that captivates your senses. It is dressed in an authentic glass, which has its own, hexagonal shape, an engraved cap and public statement of its premiumness and its 100% natural recipe. The diversity of ingredients can not only be tasted, but also be admired, each “crown jewel” being engraved on the bottle’s base.

Intensely retro nasal, with clear juniper aroma and exotic, citric notes

Balanced and persistent, pleasant, integrates holistically all the aromas

Floral lavender aftertaste