Stalinskaya Music 4%

Whether you remember your first kiss from a hot summer night, or you want to cool off, there is nothing more comforting than STALINSKAYA MUSIC®. This is the perfect mix between STALINSKAYA® Vodka and the sweet notes of the most desired fruit juices: intense cranberry taste, refreshing orange, and electrifying lime and mint taste.

How great it is when you find someone who is on the same page as you!

Someone who keeps up with you and your rhythm.

Stalinskaya Music Caipivodka® is the drink of the dynamic, connected, full of energy ones. The perfectly balanced combination of natural lime extract, rum aroma and vodka keeps the rhythm with you.

Whether you are at a party, on the beach, at the pool or at home and you crave for a delicious and refreshing cocktail, Stalinskaya Music Caipivodka® is the ideal choice.