Ron Cubay Anejo Suave 10 Yo 40%

Cuba is the home and birthplace of the type of rum called “Ron Ligero”. Since its appearance in the early nineteenth century, the excellence of this Cuban drink has amazed the old continent. In the central region of the island, two distilleries were distinguished by their excellent quality: San Lino (1862) and L’alambicco L’Inferno (1870).

Liqueurs, spirits and rum were prepared in these two distilleries, astonishing connoisseurs around the globe. From the union of these two distilleries, Ron Cubay was born, whose portfolio was first presented at the “Food Fair” in Barcelona in 2000. Since then, this brand continues to conquer new consumers with elaborate tastes.

A fabulous rum from central Cuba, with an intense mahogany color. Thanks to the long maturation process in the bottle, this rum releases a warm and delicate fragrance that instantly reveals its origin: the Cuban sugar cane.

Its taste is round and complete and envelops the palatal vault with a fine and insinuating taste of oak and vanilla wood. The youngest rum has been aged in the bottle for 10 years.