Loch Lomond Signature 40%

LOCH LOMOND Signature is a luxurious blended whisky, which after a long and slow maturation is prepared in one of the 100 Solera barrels. The Solera system combines Olorosso sherry barrels and American oak barrels that have been recarbonized to create a unique intensity and finesse for Loch Lomond.

Very aromatic, similar to the fortified wine. Fleshy raisins with subtle but vigorous shades of sherry. Unobtrusive, but clear and direct. Smoky notes once the notes of dried fruit weaken.

Surprising malt notes from farms. To this constant structure are added layers of ripe pears with cinnamon, ginger and notes of brown sugar, each appearing one by one progressively. They end with light dried fruit ideas. Malt has a quality and a viscous effect.

At the end, the notes of dried fruit take on a tone closer to black currants, more astringent, the sweetness being tempered by sour notes of lemon towards the end.