Glen Scotia Victoriana 54,2%

Our master distiller carefully chooses the barrels from our spare cellar. Each barrel is chosen for its rare character and exceptional maturity. Finished in deep charred oak, the result is an exceptionally fine single malt whisky whose aroma and taste work in harmony. Traditionally bottled – straight from the barrel and without filtration, and with a natural color, its subtle taste of wood and vanilla is accentuated by a consistent aroma of spicy fruit and a slightly smoky taste that persists.

An elegant scent with notes of oak leading the bouquet. Interesting notes of burnt sugar cream which lead to generous caramelized fruits and finally polished oak.

Sweet and concentrated start with a fruity sensation of blackcurrant jam. A medium palate. Typically leaning towards the back of the palate. It becomes more austere with water.

Clean and initially sweet. Green beans with cocoa characteristics follow.