Glen Scotia Double Cask 46%

GLEN SCOTIA Double Cask is a classic Campbeltown malt representing a formidable pedigree of whiske production from 1832. The whisky is finished in a combination of bourbon barrels at the first filling followed in time by Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels to produce this remarkable malt whisky that offers the perfect balance of richly spicy fruit, OVerlapped with the specific finish of sea breeze and vanilla oak for which the house Glen Scotia is famous.

Amber. Very sweet. Initial caramel cream, caramelized fruit sugars, wood sugar, caramels and fudge before revealing apple and peach notes. Over time, a note of bourbon charcoal appears, with a pleasant dusty dryness. It is strong.

Sweet at first and quite rich and although the alcohol makes the tongue tingle, the result is a balanced one. The character of dry distillate is felt, but now it also has depth. The water gently removes the various elements, but adds some dried mint.

Profound and closed.