Carpatina still mineral water is the result of the collaboration of the members of an entire ecosystem of nature, which has worked for thousands of years on the surface and in the layers of the earth, to bring to light a pure, fresh and balanced water.

CARPATINA still mineral water is an oligomineral water that comes from the Domogled Spring, located in Baile Herculane resort. The purity of the water is given by the origin of the spring in the Domogled Nature Reserve, within the Domogled National Park, Cerna Valley. Its origin, low mineralization and sodium make it suitable in the preparation of baby food, detox cures and low-sodium diets.

CARPATINA sparkling mineral water comes from the Bicazu Ardelean spring, located in the middle basin of the Bicaz valley, in the central group of the Eastern Carpathians. It is a natural, calcareous, magnesian, bicarbonated mineral water distinguished by a balanced and long-lasting fizziness.

CARPATINA light mineral water comes from the Bicazu Ardelean spring, it is a bicarbonated, calcareous, magnesian natural mineral water with partial carbonation, perfect for those who want an intermediate variant between still and sparkling mineral water. It is distinguished by its lightness, freshness and suppleness.